About characteristics of apron conveyor -2 / What is chain conveyor – 4

The movie is horizontal transport apron conveyor.

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About characteristics of apron conveyor -2

4. It has advantage in setting environment
Apron conveyor is often compared with belt conveyor.
Apron conveyor has strength and durability since the conveying surface is made by steel plate.
For example,
1)Physical impact is large when throwing stuffs in.
2)Ambient temperature or temperature of the stuff is high.
3)Belt is hurt by the conveyed stuff in case of belt conveyor.
Apron conveyor is selected in the cases like the above.

5. It is not suitable for small stuffs such as powder.
Even the apron made by bended plates and they overlapped each other, curried stuffs get into the gaps between steel plate if the stuffs are small. Also, even for hinge typed apron, the stuffs get into the hinges. This leads to the trouble of conveyor.
Therefore, apron conveyor is suited to convey large blocks or boxes. However, there is a conveyor solving these week points, and it is chain conveyor attached with belt conveyor. This type of conveyor will be explained separately.

6.It is expensive
It is more expensive compared with other belt conveyors. Transport speed of apron conveyor is not fast and width of apron needs to be wider when the amount of carried stuff is a lot. The cost will be high as the width is made wider.

7.Frequent maintenance is necessary.
Elongation of chain, wearing of conveyor wheel and condition of apron have to be checked frequently. Apron conveyor is often set in bad environment, therefore daily maintenance is important.

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