■ Various conveyor


There are various kinds of conveyor and transport devices. We start with selecting type and model of conveyor and designing of them upon customer’s requirements. We will take care of all manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


■ Belt conveyor


Belt conveyor is one of the most well-known conveyor and you may already know. As its name suggests, it is an equipment which convey object by putting it on a belt and moving the belt forwards.
It can be said that belt conveyor is one of the most stable conveyors and not so much maintenance is necessary. However, some belt conveyor using certain type of belt is expensive and needs maintenance. Most of them are for specific objects to be carried or for specific environment, and belt conveyor is said as a type of conveyor which is the cheapest and the easiest to use under normal condition. Actually, a lot of number of them are used in many place and most people bring belt conveyors to mind upon hearing the word conveyor.


 top mark no.1 Rubber belt conveyor

Black rubber belt conveyor is often seen in outdoor workplaces. These conveyors are commonly called as “sediment conveyor” and it is made by ready-made pipe frames and black rubber belts. Of course many of them are used in factories as well.
Normally rubber belts are thicker and stronger compared with resin belts. Conveyor with rubber belts are used in case that carried objects are heavy and carried amount is large. Conveyor with rubber belt is stronger than ones with resin belt since it is normally made by trusses and stringer frames.

rubber belt conveyor 02rubber belt conveyor 03rubber belt conveyor 04
rubber belt conveyor 05rubber belt conveyor 06rubber belt conveyor 07


 top mark no.1 Resin belt conveyor

For the conveyor to be settled in factories on the other hand, conveyor with resin belts are often seen. Conveyor with resin belts are lighter in weight and used for smaller amount of carried objects than rubber belt conveyor. For conveyor using resin belt, its frame structure doesn’t need to be strong compared with rubber belt conveyor. Ready-made resin belt conveyors are usually made by light frame such as aluminum frame.However, for the environment that the conveyor need to be washed by water such as food plants, stainless frame and water washable resin belt are often used.
In general, resin belt cannot have conveying surface which shapes like ship bottom. With the ship bottom shaped surface, large amount of object can be carried and the shape is common for rubber belts. However, even in resin belt, there is a belt called “two-tone” which is made by PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and the belt can carry objects with ship bottom shaped surface, but it is rarely seen.

樹脂ベルトコンベヤ 01resin belt conveyor 2
resin belt conveyor 3resin belt conveyor 4


 top mark no.1 Modular belt conveyor

Modular belt is made by assembled plastic parts created by molds. The belt is strengthened by putting the plastic parts together in brick patterns. Therefore, it is possible to build up the belt freely and any width and length can be selected. Flight (also called cross bar in case of black-rubber or resin conveyor belt) and side guard can be attached to the belt as well.  So that objects being carried do not fall down from side edge, and steep transport is also possible. Several kinds of plastic materials are used for modular belts, and some of them are high heat resistant or chemical resistant.

cirve modular belt conveyorModular belt conveyor 1


 top mark no.1 Net belt conveyor

There are two kinds of materials that wire mesh conveyor belts are made of, and they are steel (iron) and stainless steel. Like steel belts, this type of belt is often used under specific conditions and belt made of stainless steel is used in many cases as well.They are used in high or low temperature atmosphere, screening process, and also used as belt of 360°spiral conveyors.

Wire netting net belt conveyor 1Wire netting net belt conveyor 2


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■ Screw conveyor


A screw conveyor is a conveyor carrying processed materials by rotating its shaft which is passing through inside of troughs or pipes, and whom blades are attached spirally. Normally it is hermetically sealed, therefore processed materials are hardly spilled out. It is unsuitable for carrying adhesive materials since operation is stopped if the material adheres to the blades. Also, it sometimes happens that the carried materials are damaged or conveyor is stopped because the carried materials are bitten in a gap between the blades and the troughs. To convey hard materials accelerates abrasion of blades and troughs. However, it has high sealing performance and can be used for other purpose (e.g. agitation) simultaneously as well.
Screw conveyor is selected after being considered the carrying materials, purpose of use and usage environments. Also, it is often used as a feeder with the blades being attached with short pitches. 

 screw conveyor 1screw conveyor 2screw conveyor 3
 screw conveyor 4 screw conveyor 5


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■ Chain conveyor


It is a conveyor using chains as its name suggests. It is used for various purpose and is a type of conveyor which has a lot of varieties compared with other kinds of conveyor. Chain conveyor is often used in situations that belt conveyor cannot cope with because of temperature, airtightness, degree of curve, durability, weight, setting environment, etc..
Main types of chain conveyor are bucket, flight, apron, slat, pipe, and so on. About the structure of chain conveyor, flat plates or buckets for carrying various stuffs are attached to the chain. Chains are engaged to wheels and sprockets attached to head(front) and tail (opposite side of the front), and stuffs are carried when chain moves forward by rotating the wheels and sprockets. Rails for chain roller is attached for conveying stuffs smoothly. By this way, conveyor works without being off to right and left since chain run along the rail, and also load for driving motor can be reduced by letting the chains run on the rails. However, there are some types of the chain conveyor which is not suitable for using the rails.

Chain apron conveyer 1Chain apron conveyer 2


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■ Vibration conveyor


Vibration conveyor is an equipment to convey objects by vibration literary. The objects are moved forwards not by vertical vibration but by vibration with the same direction as moving direction. This conveyor has several characteristics that other conveyors don’t have, and hard to be broken and easy to maintain after being introduced. However, its price is slightly more expensive compared with other conveyors.

Vibration conveyor 1Vibration conveyor 2Vibration conveyor 3


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