point red  Various conveyor

We can perform machine type selection and designing of the most suitable conveyor.

icon no.1   Belt conveyor
This is one of the most well-known conveyors. There are various types of belts. We perform machine type selection and designing according to purpose of use, type of conveyed object, amount of conveyed object, inclination angle and so on.

 top mark no.1 Rubber belt conveyor

rubber belt conveyor 02 rubber belt conveyor 03 rubber belt conveyor 04
rubber belt conveyor 05 rubber belt conveyor 06 rubber belt conveyor 07


top mark no.1 Resin belt conveyor


樹脂ベルトコンベヤ 01 resin belt conveyor 2
resin belt conveyor 3 resin belt conveyor 4


top mark no.1  Modular belt conveyor
90 degrees curved conveyance is possible with one belt.

cirve modular belt conveyor Modular belt conveyor 1


top mark no.1  Net belt conveyor
It is often used in screening lines.

Wire netting net belt conveyor 1 Wire netting net belt conveyor 2


icon no.1   Screw conveyor
Spiral blades convey objects by rotating themselves. Conveyed objects never spilled since the conveyer is hermetically sealed. Also, it is possible to convey steep angle.

 screw conveyor 1 screw conveyor 2 screw conveyor 3
 screw conveyor 4  screw conveyor 5


icon no.1   Chain conveyor
It is suitable for conveying heavy object and bad environment.

Chain apron conveyer 1 Chain apron conveyer 2


icon no.1  Vibration conveyor
Object is conveyed by vibration literally. There is no need to maintenance after it has been set up.

Vibration conveyor 1 Vibration conveyor 2 Vibration conveyor 3