What is screw conveyor -1

What is screw conveyor.
A screw conveyor is a conveyor carrying processed materials by rotating its shaft which is passing through inside of troughs or pipes, and whom blades are attached spirally. Normally it is hermetically sealed, therefore processed materials are hardly spilled out. It is unsuitable for carrying adhesive materials since operation is stopped if the material adheres to the blades. Also, it sometimes happens that the carried materials are damaged or conveyor is stopped because the carried materials are bitten in a gap between the blades and the troughs. To convey hard materials accelerates abrasion of blades and troughs. However, it has high sealing performance and can be used for other purpose (e.g. agitation) simultaneously as well.
Screw conveyor is selected after being considered the carrying materials, purpose of use and usage environments. Also, it is often used as a feeder with the blades being attached with short pitches.

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