Structure of belt conveyor / Belt conveyor -10

Structure of belt conveyor

1. Frame
Frame is a structure which shapes a belt conveyor. There are mainly two types.

1)Stringer frame
Frame made by shaped steel, bended steel plate, etc. Main body of conveyor can be made with low cost.
This frame is used mostly in conveyor frame using resin conveyor belt which is for light weight transportation. Die casting frame made by aluminum is often used for frames with resin conveyor belt. Truss frame below has better strength.

2)Truss frame
Frame made by shaped steels, etc. as its name suggests.
In case frame strength is required, we use truss frame. For example, in case that high ground clearance, wide installation interval of legs, corridor for maintenance staffs, etc. are required. In case that cantilever construction cannot be avoided, this truss frame is used as well.
Generally, truss frame is used for rubber belt conveyor which transport large amounts of objects though, this frame is also used for apron conveyors which is a kind of chain conveyor.
Cost will be more expensive compared with stringer frame in the above.

2. Structure of belt conveyor
Rollers to wind up conveyor belt are attached at the tip of frame. This is called a head pulley or a head roller. Conveyor belt moves forwards as the roller/pulley rotates.
Roller which wind up conveyor belt is also attached at the end of conveyor, which is opposite side of the tips.  This roller is called tail pulley or tail roller. Conveyor belt is wound up by both of rollers above.
Normally, rollers are attached under side around the head pully as well. This is called snap pulley / snap roller, or snub pulley / roller. This snap pulley is attached to prevent the belt wound up at the head pulley from slipping by making winding angle larger.
A side where objects are being carried is called carrier side, and a side where belt returns is called return side.
The carrier side holds belt which is carrying object. There are two ways for holding which are holding with steel plates and holding with rollers. The steel plate is called by several different names such as sliding plate, conveyor plate, etc. In case that rollers are used, it is called carrier roller. Belts are held by rollers in return side where belt return. This roller is called return roller.

Simply, belt conveyor consists of frame and the following rollers.

1.Head pulley (roller)
2.Tail pulley (roller)
3.Snap pulley (roller)
4.Carrier roller or conveyor plate
5.Return roller


The following is a movie of installation of tripper type black rubber belt conveyor with truss frame.



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