Various screen


We start with selecting the most suitable type and model of screening machine and designing of them. We design, create, install and maintain finely upon customer’s requirement, e.g. objects to be screened, purpose of screening, amount of screening, setting environment, etc.


■ Hexagon trommel screen


Rotary screen is also called as trammel screen, and there are two types which are hexagonal drum type and circular drum type.
Hexagonal drum type trammel screen has the following characteristics compared with circular drum type.
・Separation capacity is high.
・Since there is no stirring blade inside the drum, objects being separated are not caught on the blades and the drum is not clogged.
・Punched metal plate(net) for the separation can be exchanged easily.

hexagon trommel screen 1hexagon trommel screen 2
hexagon trommel screen 3


trommel comparsion 26.10.2017

Comparison of rotary screens / trammel screens



■ Vibrating screen


Objects are screened by vibration as its name suggests. This vibrating screen is used for screening of small amounts. Size of this type screening machine is small and compact.

vibrating screen 1


Comparison of the screen
TypeRotary screenVibration screen
Metal meshMatJumping



Screen / Comparison between rotary type and vibration type



■ Reciprocating screen


Objects are screened by being moved back and forth repeatedly. In comparison with other screening machines, price is cheaper but machine capability is lower.

Reciprocating screen 1reciprocating screen 2