About belt conveyor -1

About belt conveyor -1

1) What is belt conveyor
Belt conveyor is one of the most well-known conveyor and you may already know. As its name suggests, it is an equipment which convey object by putting it on a belt and moving the belt forwards.
It can be said that belt conveyor is one of the most stable conveyors and not so much maintenance is necessary. However, some belt conveyor using certain type of belt is expensive and needs maintenance. Most of them are for specific objects to be carried or for specific environment, and belt conveyor is said as a type of conveyor which is the cheapest and the easiest to use under normal condition. Actually, a lot of number of them are used in many place and most people bring belt conveyors to mind upon hearing the word conveyor.

2) About conveyor belt
A belt conveyor comes to be able to be used when conveyor belts are attached. It cannot be called as a belt conveyor unless conveyor belt is attached.

Types of conveyor belt.
There are several types of conveyor belt as the following.
1. Black rubber belt
2. Resin belt
3. Wire mesh belt
4. steel metal belt
5. Modular plastic belt
The above five types of conveyor belts exist, however, there are a lot of kinds of products for each type as well. They are selected depend on the object to be conveyed, the environment to be used, etc. It is also the same for when compared with other types of conveyor.

About selection of conveyor belt.
For selection of conveyor belt, use condition and purpose need to be considered well.
For example,
1. Contents and size of the object to be conveyed.
2. Amount to be conveyed
3. Specific gravity of the object to be conveyed.
4. Belt width
5. Belt strength, tension
6. Gradient angle
7. Suspension system
8. Temperature, including the object and atmosphere
9. Food or not. Something directly enters the mouth or not.
10. Moisture, Viscosity
11. Oil content
The above are the contents which should be considered when types of conveyor are selected.

The photos and movie are tripper typed black rubber belt conveyor. Conveyed object is sand.

tripper typed black rubber belt conveyor 6.11.2017


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