About endless joint of conveyor belt -1 / Belt conveyor -2

About endless joint of conveyor belt.
Belt conveyor can convey object once both ends of its belt are joined each other. This joint is called endless joint and the joint work is called endless joint work.
There would be no trouble if conveyor belt can be joined smoothly, however, it is not always like that. The only type of the belt that the endless joint can be done easily is modular plastic belt. This belt can be joined by anyone. This is a big advantage of modular plastic belt compared with other type of belts. For all conveyor belts other than modular belt, craftsman or professional engineer’s hands are necessary.

The photo is about modular belt conveyor.

modular belt conveyor 12.11.201


About the endless joint of black rubber belt and resin belt.
Endless joint work for these two types of belts are ordered to professional contractors. 
There are mainly two joint method, and one is using press machine and the other one is using only adhesive agents.

1.Thermal sealing by press machine.
The belt is put between the press machine and joined as being melted with high temperature. The machine can be used for trial run or actual work immediately after the endless joint work. Adhesive strength is strong and hardly peeled off, however, expensive press machine is needed for this process. Also, environment to carry the press machine in or to be set up the machine is necessary.

2.Sealing only with adhesive agent.
This is a joint method of belt using only with adhesive agents. It takes about a half day after the belt being joined until the adhesive agent is dried, and no operation such as trial run cannot be performed during that period. It is easier to be peeled off compared with thermal sealing. However, joint can be done anywhere if professional engineer was there, and it is also true that the quality of the finishing highly depends on his skill.

Movie below is about endless joint process of resin belt. Thermal sealing joint is being done by a press machine. This type of joint is called finger joint.

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