What is vibration conveyor ? / About characteristics of vibration conveyor.

The movie is a vibration conveyor.

What is vibration conveyor?
Vibration conveyor is an equipment to convey objects by vibration literary. The objects are moved forwards not by vertical vibration but by vibration with the same direction as moving direction. This conveyor has several characteristics that other conveyors don’t have, and hard to be broken and easy to maintain after being introduced. However, its price is slightly more expensive compared with other conveyors.

About characteristics of vibration conveyor.
1) Structure is simple.
Conveyed objects move forwards just by transferring vibration to trough (casing) that conveyed objects go through. The transferred vibration is generated by vibration motor (vibrator) or combination of general purpose motors and crankshafts. Its structure is made to be simple.

2) Conveyed objects are not limited.
Since trough (casing) in which conveyed objects go through is normally made by steel plate, this type of conveyor covers a wide range of types of carried materials such as high temperature materials, high abrasion resistant materials, easily corroded materials, hard materials, and certain degree of adhesive materials. One of the reasons of this characteristic is flexibility which make the conveyor possible to cope with various types of materials by using stainless steel trough, lining inside of trough, putting a lid on trough to seal up and so on.

3) It is clean.
There is no dropping of carrying materials at the turning back point of belts like belt conveyor. Scattering of the carrying materials can be prevented by putting a lid on trough and sealing it up. Also, even trough is sealed up, cleaning is easily done by taking the lid off and the trough can be kept clean since there is no blades like screw conveyors or other obstacles and trough is empty.  It seems to be one of the reasons that vibration conveyor using stainless steel trough is selected in food plants is cleanliness.

4) Less electricity consumption
Electricity consumption can be kept less since it often can convey large amount of materials with small motors. Of course, proper size of motor needs to be selected depends on the types and amounts of the conveying materials.

5) Easy for maintenance and inspection.
Small number of parts are consumed by spinning or being rubbed and malfunction is rarely occurred. Maintenance is easy after being introduced since the number of component parts is small and the number of inspection positions is also small.

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