About characteristics of apron conveyor -1 / What is chain conveyor – 3

The movie is steep transport apron conveyor. -2

About characteristics of apron conveyor -1

1.It is possible to convey on slopes.
Convey on steep slopes become possible by attaching frames to the aprons.
Frame is a kind of plate attached to the apron vertically to the ground and horizontally to the travelling direction. Frame is made by shaped steel or flat steel and attached by welding or bolting.

2. Side guard can be attached.
Also, plates can be attached as guides to the edges of both sides of aprons. By attaching aprons as overlapping each other, carried stuffs will not fall out from the edge of the apron. Each guiding plates and conveyor chain must not be touch each other. They need to be setup ingeniously.

3.Conveying speed is slow.
Conveying speed is slow since it is a chain conveyor. Generally, conveyor chain is run on rails, therefore, the chain is worn away in short term when the convey speed is fasten and the chain have to be replace more often.

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