About apron conveyor / What is chain conveyor – 2

The movie is steep transport apron conveyor.

About apron conveyor
Aprons are mounted with attachments at both side of conveyor chain and the carried objects put on the apron are conveyed as the conveyor chain moves forwards. This apron is normally made by steel plate and the curried stuffs are put on the plate and conveyed. It makes possible to convey steep slope by attaching frames to the aprons. Also, carried stuffs will not fallen out from its side edges by attaching side guards. However, conveying speed is slow since it is transported with conveyor chain. The price is more expensive compared with other belt conveyors as well. Despite of these disadvantages, there are still many situations that only the apron conveyor can manage since the conveyor has advantages in specific environment.

There are two types of apron.
1) Bended steel plate
Steel plates are bended as their front and back are overlapped. The plate need to be put ingeniously to prevent the stuffs from falling out even the stuffs are powdery.
2) Steel plates connected by hinge
Front steel plate is connected to back steel plates with hinges. Both plates are connected and can move freely as well. This shape is worked out for the purpose of preventing the conveyed stuffs from falling down from apron plate. This is more expensive than bended steel plate type apron plates.

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