About the trough / What is screw conveyor -3

About the trough / What is screw conveyor -3
Trough is outer box (casing) of a conveyor and there are three types. Trough can be made as doubled and jacket typed, so that it becomes possible to cool down the carrying materials by circulating liquid like water.
1.Pipe trough
Steel pipes are used as material of trough. It is the cheapest. Inspection hole for visual check inside of the conveyor is necessary to be setup. However, heated blast, gas, air and so on can be taken in the trough and it makes possible to dry or cool the materials being carried easily since it is completely sealed.
2.U-shaped Trough
Steel plate is bent into a U-shape and used as a trough. Covers are attached on top and it is possible to check inside by opening the cover. Sometimes it is not covered and top part are left as empty space. There are various ways to attach the cover such as bolting, clamping or just placing. It is easy to clean up when a trough is empty by taking off the shafts, blades, and covers. Also, a conveyor with long body length needs plumber blocks and setting up and maintenance of them are easy. This is more expensive than pipe trough.
3.Box shaped trough
Steel plate is bent into a shape of box having no top cover. We rarely made this type of trough. This is a shape to prevent abrasion of blades and trough with the carrying material as much as possible. It can prevent the carrying material to be bitten in gaps between a trough and blades as well. It is sometimes used for a purpose that avoid damaging the carrying materials. Weak point of this type is that carrying materials remain at the right and left corner in bottom.

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