About the blades / What is screw conveyor -2

The agitating blades /  Cut-flight screw

About the blades / What is screw conveyor -2
Generally, circular steal plates are welded to bent axis (commonly made by a steel pipe) spirally. Outer diameter of the blades and the shafts are various and depends on the kind of carrying materials and also on the amount of it.
The pitch between the blade attached to the shaft depends on condition of carrying materials, and it will be longer when the lumps are larger. However, as the pitch gets shorter, currying amount per one rotation gets less. For screw feeders which are required constant quantitativity, the pitches are made as shorter.
There are various shapes for the blades, and one called ribbon screw has empty space inside to keep abrasion minimum and only the outer edge is remained. It is used for relatively large lumps and for materials with high flowabilities. Also, there is another type of screw called cut-flight conveyor screw. Outer edge of its blades is notched or bended and this kind of screw is used for materials which are easily turn to hard. Sometimes another steal plate is attached only for the edge by bolts to make it possible to replace the plate when outer edge is worn away. This is used in case of conveying the materials which wear the plate a lot.

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