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About rubber belt and resin belt

Belts most often used in belt conveyor are rubber belts and resin belts.

Rubber conveyor belt
Black rubber belt conveyor is often seen in outdoor workplaces. These conveyors are commonly called as “sediment conveyor” and it is made by ready-made pipe frames and black rubber belts. Of course many of them are used in factories as well.
Normally rubber belts are thicker and stronger compared with resin belts. Conveyor with rubber belts are used in case that carried objects are heavy and carried amount is large. Conveyor with rubber belt is stronger than ones with resin belt since it is normally made by trusses and stringer frames.

Resin conveyor belt
For the conveyor to be settled in factories on the other hand, conveyor with resin belts are often seen. Conveyor with resin belts are lighter in weight and used for smaller amount of carried objects than rubber belt conveyor. For conveyor using resin belt, its frame structure doesn’t need to be strong compared with rubber belt conveyor. Ready-made resin belt conveyors are usually made by light frame such as aluminum frame.However, for the environment that the conveyor need to be washed by water such as food plants, stainless frame and water washable resin belt are often used.
In general, resin belt cannot have conveying surface which shapes like ship bottom. With the ship bottom shaped surface, large amount of object can be carried and the shape is common for rubber belts. However, even in resin belt, there is a belt called “two-tone” which is made by PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and the belt can carry objects with ship bottom shaped surface, but it is rarely seen.

About belt structure
For the structure of rubber belt, canvas is put between two rubbers, and the rubber put on the above and the below of canvas is called cover rubber. Also, the number of canvas overlay is normally counted by unit of plies, and a belt with 3 overlay canvases is expressed as 3 piles.There are a lot of kinds of canvas and rubber material for above and below it, and they are selected according to each purpose.
Resin belt consists of only canvas and resin on the above side, and it does not have resin on the below. Resin is only on the above side of canvas and the belt is not made by canvas held between resin on the above and the below it.Most of conveyor using resin belt has conveying surface held by flat surface and not by rollers because the belt need to slide smoothly on the surface.
For rubber belt, there is a belt called canvas belt and it has no covering rubber on the below side. This belt is used for conveyor whose structure is that belt of conveying surface is held by flat surface like resin belt conveyor. We are using it for selecting conveyor etc.


The movie below is about rough top resin belt conveyor.


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