About Modular conveyor belt -1 / Belt conveyor -4

The following movie is about exchanging process form a metal wire belt to a modular belt.

About modular conveyor belt

Modular belt is made by assembled plastic parts created by molds. The belt is strengthened by putting the plastic parts together in brick patterns. Therefore, it is possible to build up the belt freely and any width and length can be selected. Flight (also called cross bar in case of black-rubber or resin conveyor belt) and side guard can be attached to the belt as well.  So that objects being carried do not fall down from side edge, and steep transport is also possible. Several kinds of plastic materials are used for modular belts, and some of them are high heat resistant or chemical resistant.

The best thing about this belt is ease of maintenance.
1) Belt is very light in weight and it is easy to carry.
2) Belt is easily cut, connected and repaired.
3) The belt does not rust, so that it can be washed by water.
4) Since the belt is made by plastic, carrying objects are hardly scratched.
5) It is repairable with metal net conveyor which is already being used.
6) There is no contamination of foreign substance such as metals.

About modular belt conveyor

Belts are connected easily.
There is no need to ask specialists for endless process if modular conveyor belt is used.
Cutting and connecting the belt can be done by everyone even he is not used to do it.

2)  There is no meandering
For modular conveyor belts, special sprockets for the belts are used at the end of their head and tail side. Belt is caught in the sprockets and the belt are moved forwards when the sprockets are turned. So that, the belt hardly meanders to right and left along with the moving direction. However, it is necessary to be careful about slackening caused by elongation of the belts.

3) It is clean since it can be washed by water.
Modular belt is made by plastic and does not rust, therefore it can be washed by water. Also, it is clean since it is made as water can go through inside of the belts as much as possible.

4) Food can be carried.
Actually, raw foods to be eaten are also carried.

5) Both straight path and curved path can be managed with one belt.
In case of other types of conveyor, different conveyors need to be prepared for each of straight path and curved path. However, this modular conveyor can convey object via straight path plus curved path with on belt.

6) Carried objects hardly scratched.
A belt often being compared with this modular conveyor belt is net conveyor belt made by metal. By comparing these two belts, carried object are scratched rarely in the modular conveyor belt. There is no possibility of contamination of metals chips as well.

7) Some kinds of them sink in the water
There are cooling lines using the modular belt which sink in the water. Cool water is circulated in a water tank and objects are conveyed by the belt which is sunk in the tank. The object can be cooled just by being moved in the water tank.

Recently, conveyors are often operated by part time workers or temporary employees, therefore it is expected that safer modular conveyor belts will be used more. However, the biggest drawback is its price. Structure of main body of conveyors using modular belts can also be one of the reason for rising its price. However, ease of maintenance should account for large portion of reasons for selection.


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